There’s a growing awareness by athletes, that a complete workout routine includes not only the exercise itself, but also caring for the wear and tear on muscles that naturally occurs during their workouts. Sports Massage helps lessen the risk of injury and prepares the muscles for your workout or sport.


Who can benefit from sports massage?

Anyone who routinely pushes their limits their movement such as runners, swimmers, bikers,  dancers, hikers, strength trainers or anybody involved in activities that put the physical demand on the body. Regular exercise produces positive effects like increase muscular strength and endurance, more efficient heart rate and respiratory functioning and greater flexibility. The body improves its functioning to meet the exercise challenges you place on it. Conditioning has been described as a process of tearing down the tissue and then building it back up to meet the new demands placed on those muscles. Recovery is often overlooked but it is essential for this rebuilding phase.


How can it help you?

Massage can help aid in this “recovery/rebuilding” phase by improving blood and lymph flow, decrease trigger points, and helping speed up the healing process from injury. It can also help prevent over training, or trouble spots that can occur for many athletes.


How does it work?

Sports Massage can be done at our office but is also used to prepare an athlete for competition on the same day of the event.

  • Pre-event massage is given to help warm up the major muscles to be used and help the athlete enter the competition in a good mental state.
  • Inter-event massage is given between events to help keep that tissue warm and help recovery from the previos activity
  • Post-event massage is given after a competition that help with recovery. This recovery session is recommended 15 minutes to 2 hours after the activity has been completed.



Be sure to plan ahead find a therapist who knows your sport and a therapist will customize their treatments to provide the best treatment for you and your competition schedule