What inspired you to pursue a career as a massage therapist?

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The feeling of being able to help someone physically to help improve their well being and overall health is something I’ve always wanted to do. As a little kid I used to massage mom after she would come home from working long hours feeling exhausted. I took it upon myself to mimic what her old friend who was a massage therapist back in Peru would do. I started massaging my mom in hopes to help her feel less tire, and seeing first hand the changes on how she would always feel much better made me realize it’s something I wanted to pursue as a career.

What is the most rewarding part of your career?
Being able to help each different individual overcome their issues and regain their self confidence within themselves is rewarding.

What is your favorite type of massage to give?
I describe my treatments as therapeutic and healing. I enjoy doing sports therapy, deep tissue work along with cupping. However I like to work accordingly to each individuals specifications and needs. Ultimately providing a mixture of treatments suited and costumized for each type of person.

What is something no one knows about you?
Something no one knows it’s that, as an extra job I work and take care of people with cognitive disabilities every other weekend. I was once a CNA back in 2009 and took this job about a year ago simply bc I also enjoy helping individuals with needs. It’s not an easy job and not for everyone, you have to really enjoy this particular field to be able to provide care for individuals with disabilities.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
My free time consist of being a dad, mentor and friend to my little girl. She’s only a year and half but with the attitude of a 3 year old. She’s constantly climbing, running and chatting your ear off, so lots for me to do. Other things I enjoy doing is anything related to cars. I love going to race shows and car shows in general and occasionally working on my car. Also skydiving.