We hope you spend some time to hear what they have to say. We also encourage you to visit their websites, read their blogs or follow the teams we are so honored to work with.


Jackie Arendt

Jackie has been a Professional Triathlete since 2011. She was a collegiate swimmer before getting more involved in running and triathlon quickly followed.

“Peak Performance is different than most other places because they really pay attention to what you have going on, whether you are an athlete or here for relaxation they can help you.” — Jackie

Susan Arledge

Susan has been a client at Peak Performance Massage since 2012. She is a mother and grandmother who enjoys living an active life with her family. In December of 2013, she had a total knee replacement surgery, followed with physical therapy and massage therapy for her to regain movement and function.

“I think the difference that I find here is that they listen to me, everything is very client centered.”
— Susan

Blake Becker

Blake is the Founder, Owner, and Head Coach for Team BBMC, as well as a Professional Triathlete himself since 2006. He has competed in over 60 Ironman and Half-Ironman Competitions.

“It’s not necessarily the work that you are doing that’s going to help you improve, it’s how you recover from the work you are doing.” — Blake

Paul Eicher

Paul is a Professional Triathlete from Madison, WI and has been racing triathlon for five years. He just completed his first season competing professionally. He has immersed himself in the sport of triathlon getting involved in every level from race directing to volunteering, and coaching.

“I’m a professional triathlete so I put my body to the limit quite often, massage is something that I need physically and mentally to get a break from the outside world.” — Paul

Nick Kerdiles

Nick is a Professional Hockey Player currently playing for the Norfolk Admirals. He spent two years playing for the University of Wisconsin – Madison where in 2013 he earned WCHA Most Valuable Player in Tournament and All- Tournament Team recognition.

“As an athlete, you definitely take a beating on the ice everyday. It’s nice to have somebody there to make sure your muscles are the way they should be.” — Nick

Jean Pauk

Jean is a local Madison business woman who also enjoys living an active lifestyle. She regularly participates in sports such as golf, biking, yoga, and strength training. She was having difficulty with her golf swing when her coach recommended that she come and try massage.

“Now, when I think about having a massage, I know a massage coming from Peak Performance is going to help me feel like my body should feel versus just relaxing me.” — Jean

Frankie Simonelli

Frankie is a Professional Hockey Player currently playing for the Providence Bruins. He spent his collegiate career playing at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where he spent two seasons serving as one of the teams captains.

“I trust Peak Performance Massage because I have gotten to know them and they have gotten to know me and my body and where it needs to be worked.” — Frankie

Kane Sivesind

Kane is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Owner at Core Health and Wellness in Middleton, WI. Kane was a collegiate basketball player who struggled with knee injuries which ultimately led him to his passion of helping people move and feel better so that they can improve their quality of life.

“We refer a lot of our clients to Peak Performance Massage because it’s not just going to help them relax, it’s going to help them get better. It’s really helps heal their injuries and their movement patterns.” — Kane

Matt Wunderlich

Dr. Matt is a local Madison Chiropractor. He has been practicing chiropractic since 2003, and he opened his private clinic in 2010. He is passionate about helping his clients live their life pain free and maintaining their lifestyle. He incorporates many different techniques and treatment tools that he has worked on to provide his clients with the treatment they need.

“My life is pretty hectic, besides chiropractic I am also training for triathlon so lots of stress and strain on the joints and the body. I don’t think I can do it without massage regularly to help.”
— Matt

Mark Zengerle

Mark is a Professional Hockey Player currently playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins. He played collegiate hockey at the University of Wisconsin – Madison where in his senior season was honored with Big Ten First Team recognition.

“It’s a habit for you, you start getting in every week and you don’t feel fully ready until you get that massage.” — Mark